Two Good Reasons To Quit Processed Sugar

Two Good Reasons To Quit Processed Sugar

  1. Processed sugar lowers your immune system. 

  2. It’s bad for your skin! 

Since we all need a resilient immune system right now and we always want clear skin, there couldn’t be a better time to get on the reduced processed sugar train!  

When it comes to skin issues, I often hear clients questioning why their skin is still breaking out after changing to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. After asking a few more questions I discover their dietary changes have consisted of all the gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives of bread, waffles, pasta, ice cream, chocolate milk etc.

Yes, gluten itself or wheat-based foods that contain gut disrupting pesticides and glyphosate are a real problem, and cow dairy is never your friend when it comes to healing acne, but here's the bigger problem these gluten-free/dairy-free replacement foods still haven't eliminated: Processed sugar!

In fact, many gluten-free/dairy-free alternatives are even MORE processed than those with gluten or dairy!

If you want clear skin, just going for processed gluten-free or dairy-free alternatives most likely won't be enough.

Now more than ever is the perfect time to eliminate processed, sugary foods and reach for real, whole ingredients to boost your immune system and clear your skin. There are some great GF and DF products out there, but in general, you want to read the label and make whole food choices as often as you can. 

Why is processed sugar bad for your health and skin?

  1. Consuming too much sugar can affect the cells in your immune system that target bacteria. ... Sugar affects the way your white blood cells attack bacteria.

  2. Nutrient deficiencies can increase your risk level when warding off infection, and food items with high levels of refined sugar are usually nutritionally obsolete. Basically, it gets you full for a while, but you missed your chance to nourish your body with better foods instead. 

  3. It absorbs quickly into the bloodstream, raising your blood sugar, which prompts the pancreas to pump out insulin. Raised insulin means more IGF-1. These spikes of IGF-1 make you produce more dihydrotestosterone, DHT for short (the bad testosterone) that clogs up your skin and makes it oily. 

Carbs themselves are not villains and natural sugars are not the problem! They come neatly packaged in nutritional powerhouses that are fresh fruits and veggies, together with fibre that slows the absorption of these sugars.

When it comes to clear skin, denying the necessary sugar to your liver, which needs it for the first phase of detox, is never a good idea.

So, when transitioning to eating healthy for your immune system and clear skin, I strongly recommend choosing whole, nutrient-dense foods in their unprocessed form. You can follow any of the ResetWell healing recipes if you need inspiration for what to do with those healthy, real ingredients. 

Even though many factors go into building a resilient immune system and having clear skin, limiting processed sugar and filling up on good-for-you fruits, vegetables and proteins is a huge piece of the puzzle.