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About Penny

Penny’s years of calling on nature’s wisdom and plant-based medicines have evolved into being a dedicated herbal practitioner. She is here to guide you on your holistic journey towards optimal health and vitality. ResetWell’s herbal consultations blend ancient traditions and modern wellness practices, tailored to address your unique needs and create custom herbal tinctures and blends designed for you. Whether you seek relief from specific ailments, desire a holistic approach to wellness, or wish to enhance your resilience, our consultations provide a nurturing space to embark on a transformative herbal experience. Together, let’s unlock the healing power of herbs and provide you with your personalized healing toolkit.

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The process

In each 30–minute herbal consultation, Penny will review your health history, current wellness concerns and goals. She will recommend the optimal herbs while educating you on how to take advantage of their healing power. She can then formulate custom herbal tinctures and blends to enhance your wellness journey.

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