Partners Listing

Holden qi gong

We are so fortunate to have Lee’s customized QiGong videos in our program. Lee Holden is a dedicated Qi Gong teacher and has created many online programs for those who do not have access to a live teacher. His approach to learning Qi Gong is totally accessible for everyone and we just love his work! Lee’s Qi Gong workout always get us in the relaxation response, while increasing our life force and making us feel fabulous! Thank you Lee! Lee’s company has generously provided a 50% discount exclusively to ResetWell members on his 30 day Qi Qong challenge by using code ‘RESET30’

Dr. Katie Branter, ND, is passionate about health, wellness, living a life on purpose and creating a toolbox for optimal health and well-being. She believes in creating a beautiful life through nutrition, mindfulness, self-reflection, conscious life design and simple living. She is also a strong advocate for developing resilience and letting go of change-based fears. Practicing what she preaches, Katie is an engaged lifelong learner and continues to learn, grow and share this information with the ResetWell community. Besides supporting the health of her community, cooking nutritious and delicious food (that Kristina always takes advantage of) and providing ongoing health education, Katie loves to be outdoors with her young daughter and family. She enjoys hosting big dinner parties, practicing mindfulness and exploring new forms of movement and exercise, hitting the dancefloor and trying not to break glassware while “helping” her husband on busy days at his whole-food restaurants.

Food craft consulting

We enjoyed collaborating with Chef Cosmo Meens on our microbiome nourishing diet and sharing his recipe. Cosmo is involved with multiple whole food projects and education and does lots of awesome things in the community. His cooking classes at Cook Culture in Victoria are a popular way for locals to expand on their healthy cooking skills.

gardener, plant-based recipe maker,
food writer and photographer

Holly is one of our regular collaborators in creating delicious, nutrient-dense, plant-based recipes, catering our group events and taking beautiful photos of our recipes. Holly is a high school teacher by day and a passionate plant-based food lover, writer, photographer and organic gardener in her spare time. We adore her, her creative recipes and enthusiasm and hire her as often as we can (and eat fresh greens from her garden) !

For inspiration you can follow Holly on Instagram @hollygoodgolly