the Membership

ResetWell's online membership, coaching and products will inspire and support your better health inside and out. Feel and look your best as you generate optimal energy and resilience on every path you take.

Membership Highlights

  • Access to a reliable, supportive source for generating your optimal lifestyle for health, well-being and beauty
  • Customized healing and nutrition programs focusing on Clear Skin, Healthy Ageing & Health Resilience
  • An inspiring master cookbook with auto-generated shopping lists to make whole food nutrition delicious, fun and easy.
  • Guided healing practices for daily detoxification, gut health and boosting your immune system.
  • Meditation, Qigong and mindfulness training to calm your system and help you thrive
  • Structured daily templates to help support sustainable shifts

Annual Resetwell Membership

Choose a membership that works for you!
$20 per


What’s included

  • Guided Self Care & Healing Plans
  • Expanding Recipe and Healing Library
  • Video Demos
  • Inspiring Guidebooks
  • New Monthly Content
  • Access to Partner Programs
$40 per


What's included

  • Basic Membership +
  • Direct Access to our team
  • 60min Personal Coaching Call
  • Full Access to Live Interactive
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Get Your Personal Questions Answered
  • Discounts on Partner Programs, Products & Events

What our clients are saying

“I’ve noticed just with doing the Qi gong and meditation, it’s really helped calm my skin down. ResetWell helping me break the cycle of breakouts after I got off birth control.”
“I will definitely stay on ResetWell for a long time because now that my acne has cleared up, it will also help with the ageing process.
ResetWell member
“Now I’m focused on feeling so good after not feeling good for so long.”
ResetWell Member
“Since taking the fermented superfood powder, I have been regular for the first times in years, that’s a serious win!”
“Felt benefits almost immediately.”
ResetWell member
“It’s a combination of I’m finally sleeping longer hours and I feel so much better in my body. I fell off the program for 4 days and couldn’t believe the difference when I got back on.”
“I have never really taken special time for myself or focused on what I was putting in my body. The ResetWell program set a positive pattern of change for me.”
“I’m so grateful for the help Kristina and Katie have given me! My skin and health are so much better”
“ No question, since following the recommendations in the program, I have way more energy, more alert, more attentive and more focussed, I feel much, much better for sure”
“My skin and confidence have improved so much with Kristina and Katie’s guidance”
“For the first time I am in control of how my skin looks, how I feel after I eat and my energy level”

Additional Programs

Private consultations

Do you have questions about your own personal journey to health and clear skin?

Would you enjoy additional support with your online program?

Would you like to dig a little deeper into age management, skin health, resistance to change, emotional well-being and personal nutrition?