Our Story

ResetWell founders and dear friends Dr. Katie Branter and Kristina Hewlett are committed to helping you build resilience to achieve optimal health and well-being through sustainable health practices, stress management and whole food nutrition. Effective age management, energy recuperation and skin clearing protocols are directly linked to your internal health. Skin problems and premature ageing are reflections of liver function, digestion, stress and hormones.

Our transformative programs and products were created in response to our clients’ as well as our own personal health needs. ResetWell was developed following eight years of clinical naturopathic, nutritive and medical skin care collaboration. We, along with our clients, have experienced profound shifts in our body, skin and mental health as a result of ResetWell. Our heart-centred approach combines science with support, empowering you to listen to your body.

Recently our program evolved to include gut and immune support focused on travel and illness prevention from foreign bugs. ResetWell for Travel makes world travel not only possible, but boosts the energy and immunity required to do it safely and be gut and bug problem-free for us and many of our clients.

The ResetWell online programs and products increase resilience in emotional well-being, immune health and skin health. For optimal results, we recommend ResetWell to all clinic patients to reset emotional and physical systems. ResetWell includes live customized health and resilience workshops, online programs and healing remedies and skincare products.

Kristina Hewlett

Kristina is a dedicated and passionate nutrition and health coach, medical skin health professional and wellness entrepreneur. She founded Clear Skin Victoria in 2007 and has more than 11 years clinical and product development experience and training. Her expertise includes medical and cosmetic laser skin care, meditation, yoga and a Health Coach & Gut Health certification from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition Health. In addition to her commitment and interest in wellness, she also loves exploring the world and being in nature with her daughter and community of family and friends. Kristina is drawn to design in all forms, from beautification to her clinic to marketing design. She thinks she’s pretty funny and finds laughter to be the best medicine on this complicated planet. She sometimes works too hard, says yes to too many things, gets distracted and ignores what her body is telling her. As such, she is an ideal candidate for the ResetWell program and can vouch for its profound impact on her life. She is thrilled to share ResetWell with the world to encourage and facilitate resilience for as many people as possible.

Dr. Katie Branter, ND

Dr. Katie Branter, ND, is passionate about health, wellness, living a life on purpose and creating a toolbox for optimal health and well-being. She has spent more than eight years at Clear Skin Victoria working in long-term skin health, arming her patients with the tools necessary to achieve and maintain healthy mind, body and skin. Katie’s ability to meet her patients where they’re at to tailor a feasible and sustainable protocol is a reflection of her unique approach. She believes in creating a beautiful life through nutrition, mindfulness, self-reflection, conscious life design and simple living. She is also a strong advocate for developing resilience and letting go of change-based fears. Practicing what she preaches, Katie is an engaged lifelong learner. Besides supporting the health of her community, cooking nutritious and delicious food (that Kristina always takes advantage of) and providing ongoing health education, Katie loves to be outdoors with her young daughter and family. She enjoys hosting big dinner parties, practicing mindfulness and exploring new forms of movement and exercise, hitting the dancefloor and trying not to break glassware while “helping” her husband on busy days at his restaurants. Katie is available for speaking engagements and workshops. Contact us at info@resetwell.com for booking details.

The ResetWell Mission & Philosophy:

Resilience in emotional and physical well-being, how you age, feel in your body and explore your planet.

Empowerment sparked by the belief in your body’s innate ability to heal and to inquire about what you need to live your best life, look your best and have the energy you require.

Support of lifestyle shifts, healing and resilience-building from a team of caring health professionals online, in private consultations and workshops along with lovingly produced nutrient-rich products and recipes.

Enhancement of your health and beauty with up-to-date online information you can trust.

Teaching you the non-negotiable foundation of well-being to live with an understanding of how it feels and looks to be truly healthy.