Our Story

ResetWell was created by medical skin clinic owner, Kristina Hewlett and long time friend, colleague and naturopathic physician, Dr. Katie Branter. After eight years of collaborative clinical patient care and research they were inspired to find a way to offer daily support to their skin health patients helping them make sustainable dietary and lifestyle shifts. They noticed a gap in what could help their co-patients create daily mindfulness, movement and nutrition routines and what they could offer in the clinic. They also saw that stressful gap in their own lives and personally craved a platform that could support daily health resilience.

The vision for ResetWell was to create a supportive source to empower members to develop their own self care and health rituals. The program and supporting supplements and skin care products were designed as the foundation for clear skin,  healthy ageing, vibrant energy and resilience but most importantly self love. Their heart-centered approach combines science with support, empowering each member to listen and stay in tune with their own body.

ResetWell promotes that effective age management, energy recuperation and skin clearing protocols are directly linked to internal and emotional health. Skin problems and premature ageing are reflections of liver function, digestion, stress, hormones and exposure to bugs and harmful bacteria.

ResetWell is available online or in-clinic at Clear Skin Victoria with extra one-on-one support through, director, Kristina Hewlett. Dr. Katie Branter is the program’s naturopathic advisor and continues to research current and reliable medical, nutritional and energetic healing protocols that are shared through the ResetWell program and blog.

Kristina Hewlett

Kristina is a dedicated and passionate nutrition and health coach, medical skin health professional and wellness entrepreneur. She founded Clear Skin Victoria in 2007 and has over a decade of clinical and product development experience and training. Her best of both worlds expertise and certification includes medical and cosmetic laser therapy, micro-needling, age management consulting; including medical injection therapies (PRP, Botox & dermal filler-MD Codes by Juvederm), meditation, yoga and nutrition and gut/digestive health coaching from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. In addition to her commitment and interest in skin health and wellness,

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The ResetWell Mission & Philosophy:

Resilience in emotional and physical well-being, how you age, feel in your body and explore your planet.

Empowerment sparked by the belief in your body’s innate ability to heal and to inquire about what you need to live your best life, look your best and have the energy you require.

Support of lifestyle shifts, healing and resilience-building from a team of caring health professionals online, in private consultations and workshops along with lovingly produced nutrient-rich products and recipes.

Enhancement of your health and beauty with up-to-date online information you can trust.

Teaching you the non-negotiable foundation of well-being to live with an understanding of how it feels and looks to be truly healthy.