Our Story

When founding Clear Skin Laser & Wellness Group in 2007, Kristina Hewlett knew that nutrition, stress management, lifestyle and clean skincare ingredients were all vital to help heal her client’s skin and provide optimal age management and acne-clearing results. Focusing on fixing the external issue was not enough, and could lead to further health problems over time.  

After 14+ years of personal clinical patient care and research combined with her team of integrated physicians, naturopaths, medical esthetics, holistic skin and nutrition specialists, a customizable blueprint was created from all their successful clinical outcomes. She was inspired to create healing skin care products that focused on adding natural nutrients internally and externally and protecting the barrier of the skin as well as sourcing other healing products available on the market. She wanted to offer clients more support in making sustainable healing dietary and lifestyle shifts, knowing how challenging those shifts can be in addition to sifting through all the conflicting information about acne and skin health out there. 

Reset Skin Lab’s vision is to create a RESET SKIN PLAN for clients to establish their self-care, nutrition and skin health rituals but also to draw attention to anything from their diet or daily routine that could be creating skin issues and causing premature ageing. Following a customized RESET SKIN PLAN, including supporting supplements and skincare products, is the foundation for clear skin, healthy ageing and enhanced cosmetic treatment outcomes. The heart-centred approach of Reset Skin Lab and working with Kristina encourages each client to stay connected and in tune with their bodies.

There’s a strong link between effective age management and skin clearing protocols and internal and emotional health. Skin problems and premature ageing are reflections of liver function, digestion, stress, hormones and exposure to bugs and harmful bacteria.

The one-on-one skin health coaching, personalized RESET SKIN PLAN creation and ResetWell healing products are the results of years of collaborative clinical research, training and expertise focusing on plant-based nutrition, medical skin health and mindfulness. New information, recipes and skincare products continue to be added to keep people inspired and educated as health and nutrition information, ingredients and technology evolve. 

Kristina Hewlett, Founder

Kristina is a passionate nutrition and health coach, medical skin health expert, laser clinician and wellness entrepreneur. Her expertise combines a personable approach with multiple certifications including medical and cosmetic laser therapy, micro-needling, age management consulting; including medical injection therapies (PRP, Botox & dermal filler-MD Codes by Juvederm), meditation, yoga and nutrition and gut/digestive health coaching from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. She began her professional life in luxury spa management and international tours. However, she suffered from progressing digestive issues, terrible acne and eczema. She set out to find a medical solution. That challenging journey opened doors to further holistic education and research. Kristina often remarks she landed in this career by accident—however being in service and helping people in her community that suffer from the same skin health issues was meant to be. In addition to a commitment and interest in skin health, nutrition, natural product formulation and wellness, she also loves exploring the world and being in nature with her family and friends. Kristina thinks she’s pretty funny and believes laughter and connection to other funny humans is the best medicine on this complicated planet. Working too hard, saying yes to too many things, Kristina sometimes gets distracted and ignores what her body is telling her. As such, she’s an ideal candidate for the ResetWell program and can vouch for its profound impact on her skin and life. She’s thrilled to share ResetWell with the world to encourage and facilitate resilience and healthy skincare for as many people as possible.