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Kristina offers 1:1 sessions to create a holistic skin and wellness plan that will allow you to achieve your health + beauty goals.

The ResetWell Approach

In a 60-minute video consultation, Kristina listens, understands, educates and guides you. She gathers as much information as possible about your skin, health habits and lifestyle from the comfort of your home with access to your skin care products, supplements and medications. She then helps you find what you need to feel and look your best. The approach explores many aspects of your life, not just a quick-fix solution. She has a proven track record of long-term skin and wellness transformations with unique recommendations for each person.

About Us

In each 60-minute consultation, Kristina will provide you with a thorough plan with the best holistic and medical skin treatments, products, diet and wellness practices for your personal skin and wellness goals. $175

Consultation Offerings:

  • Healing Acne & Rosacea Holistically

    • Our holistic approach addresses mild to severe acne and inflammatory rosacea starting from the inside by exploring your diet, gut and hormone health.
    • We support your healing with customized solutions for detoxification and optimal nutrients for skin health.
    • We explore topical ingredients that could hinder your skin health and create product and treatment plans that improve your skin’s barrier and support long-term skin health.
    • We educate you on the best treatments for skin recovery and long-term health.
  • Hormone Health - From Acne To Hot Flashes

    • Learn how nutrition, stress and sleep impact hormone health.
    • Personalized guidance for your optimal diet and lifestyle to support balanced hormones.
    • Understanding the tools to navigate hormonal imbalance from herbs and healing therapies.
    • Each customized treatment plan will focus on supporting the skin during hormonal fluctuations to reduce the impact of the visible signs of imbalances.
  • Ageing With Resilience

    • Understand the importance of physical, emotional and mental resilience in ageing gracefully.
    • Learn your best strategy for maintaining youthful skin and feeling good in that skin.
    • Feel supported with personalized guidance tailored to your unique skin and wellness needs.
    • Knowledge and a thorough understanding of medical aesthetic treatments, how they could benefit you, and the risks involved.

Why Is This Important?

We want you to understand what your skin and body needs now and in the future and discuss ways to restore balance and maintain the healthiest, most refreshed version of yourself. It is essential to listen to your body and consider all aspects of your lifestyle, diet and stress when seeking a wellness or beauty plan that is right for you. Education on the wide range of medical treatments and products is also essential. Kristina will ensure you are well-informed and feel confident in your treatment plan at every age and stage.

The booking process

If you seek consultation and coaching for your skin or healthy ageing, we ask that you fill out an intake form and email pictures of your skin without makeup in natural light, one from the front and one from each side (your photos will remain private). If you are local to Victoria, BC, you can book a skin analysis photo session at our partner clinic, Clear Skin Laser & Wellness Group. These photos reveal the depth of pigmentation, vascular condition, structural issues and skin health to give us the best foundation to work from.

Kristina will book your video consultation after reviewing your intake form and photos. After an in-depth 60-minute initial consultation, you will receive a personalized ResetWell skin or wellness foundational plan that includes recommendations for optimal treatments, diet, recipes, daily wellness routine and products.

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