Attitude Is Everything: Self Love through the Good and Bad

Attitude Is Everything: Self Love through the Good and Bad

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” 
— Zig Ziglar

Have you ever noticed when you’re in a bad mood and being a bit negative and suddenly terrible things keep happening and then you dwell in them and more lousy things follow?

Maybe you’re late for work then suddenly get stuck in traffic and then you spill on your shirt before getting into a fender bender. Then when you arrive at work, you immediately have an argument with one of your colleagues.  

This is the dark side of the laws of attraction when you’re feeling down, grumpy and suddenly your dark aura is attracting more negativity.

This is why attitude is everything and it’s important to love yourself through the good times - and the bad. More times than not, when you’re in a good mood and feeling positive, then good things tend to happen.

It may not happen overnight but it’s possible to train your mind to think positively and react positively rather than relying on the easier negative emotions. How?
Well, it’s all about self-care through the good AND the bad. Here are three ways to train your attitude to work for you instead of against you.

1. Monitor your self-talk

Self-talk is something that everyone has and no two people are the same. It’s important to check in with your self talk from time to time, both when good things are happening and when bad things are happening. This is also important when you are talking or thinking about yourself, how you look and feel.

For example, if you are frequently commenting on what you don’t like about yourself, that your skin is broken out or your lines are getting deeper, it becomes all you notice about yourself.

These negative thoughts can start to take over, affect our confidence and make us feel bad about ourselves. Alternatively, it’s also beneficial to be aware of what your self-talk is when good things are happening too, or when we feel our best because this is what we want to happen more often. Are we in a good mood because good things are happening or are good things happening because we are in a good mood?

Just like are we feeling beautiful and confident because we love what we see in the mirror or do we love what we see in the mirror because we have practised self-love and learned to focus on the positive? 

2. Get enough rest and relaxation

It’s no secret that people that aren’t sleeping enough, taking care of their bodies and minds and not eating well. These factors tend to lead people to be high strung and we all know stress and negativity go together. We get it, life is busy and there’s always something on the go but it’s important to take a step back and remember to put yourself first before things get too overwhelming.

Take a spa day, go for a hike, read a good book under the tree or start a new hobby like yoga or badminton; whatever it is, just do it. High tension leads to stress and stress leads to negative thoughts so learning to tap into your emotions is a great way to monitor if you’re getting enough “you time” before it’s too late.

And don’t forget to get some sleep! Seven to eight hours a night is ideal and although everyone is different, let yourself sleep in once in awhile – your body and mind will thank you. 

3. Say yes!

Stay with us for a minute; do you find yourself saying no a lot? No to your friends who want to get together for a barbecue. No to your significant other who wants to go for a hike. No to your coworkers who want to get together after work.

Well, we’re here to tell you that as long as you have taken care of yourself and your tank is completely empty, it’s okay to say yes. Not only okay but sometimes the right social experience can actually fill your tank. When you say yes, you open yourself up to new experiences, new adventures and new connections you might not have had otherwise.

How does this translate to your attitude? It just helps you feel freer, more engaged and more connected to the world around you. Sure, you don’t have to say yes to everything you’re invited to but why not step outside of your comfort zone a bit and see what life has to offer you. 


Think before you react!

We’re not here to pretend that sometimes bad thoughts happen to good people but it’s helpful to take a step back and analyze a situation before reacting to it.

Having a positive attitude doesn’t always come naturally and we must train ourselves to think that way and sometimes it just takes a minute to step back and think, “do I really need to feel this way?” before letting it go and opening your mind to the good things life has to offer.